Thursday, 31 December 2009

Jesper Berling's photograph. Click to his site.

Jesper is from Denmark, loves Glencoe and I particularly liked this shot for the unusual composition. Why does everything have to include intersecting thirds? Why can't you for once have the centre of atention smack in the middle and cut the picture in half as well? This is exactly how I see walks in the Glencoe mountains. I think it is a lovely shot.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

These stunning Glencoe photographs, by Grant Glendinning, click for his website

Absolutely stunning shots, look at these. We are so lucky that top photographers such as Grant have given us permission to use these shots.

Kinlochleven Championship trials, by Stevie_B 1, click for link

The mouth of the River Coe by tricycldteenager. click for link

Rannoch Moor Glencoe by Derek click to link

Mark Somerville's photographs.Click for link

Cycling shots around the Kinlochleven area.

This is such an outstanding shot

Down to Kinlochleven by Kes. Click for flickr link

Glencoe village by Cherlane. Click to link

Moody Panorama from Glencoe, by George Andreou. click here

Wonderful shot

As the Snow Melts by Eric Wylie Click for link

As the Snow Melts, originally uploaded by ericwyllie.

In bad weather, the rivers are a wonder to behold

Glencoe by Adeline Scott. Click for her link

Glencoe, originally uploaded by a_suvdal.

Glencoe colours in the Autumn are wonderful.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

The ancient Devils Staircase, Ben Allison

Glencoe, originally uploaded by Ben.Allison36.

Over the hill to Kinlochleven, now part of the West highland Way

Outlaw Pete's photograph. Click for flickr link


Peter Barkers photographs Click for link to Derek Flickr photographs

Derek's photographs. Click this for his Flickr page

British breakfast

breakfast, originally uploaded by Mostly Tim.

Typical B & B breakfast, photo by Mostly Tim

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Monday, 7 December 2009

More Glencoe area photographs from John Winkler

Sunset from the Kentallen Pier.
Cottages Kentallen Bay

Glennachulish from North Ballachulish

The most stunning view that everyone sees, going up the Glen. The Anoch Eagach ridge. Doable, just, this ridge, but heart stopping in places.
The Pap below.

The Clachaig Gully. This is the ideal route for Scottish climbers. No other climb can beat its advantage. The start is only 300 yards from getting out of the sleeping bag in the tent. Beat that, Ben Nevis, beat that The Cuillins.