Monday, 25 July 2011

The only photograph on this site taken with a mobile

We had lovely guests at the cottage a few weeks ago. Jo Mourant and her partner Colin Murphy sent me their pictures and this one stood out for me. It was taken on their ridge walk just behind our cottage, from Sgorr Bhan to Sgorr Dhearg
on a Mobile Camera! I don't choose it for technical quality, the zoom, the aperture or the speed. I choose it simply for the emotion it generates. This is the ridge I would dream of, these are the conditions I love, this the most superb scenery in the world. I love the way the tiny figure provides scale and grandeur. I'm there, in the middle of this. I know we are both a bit tired, hope the weather doesn't close in, but boy will we enjoy the pint in the Clachaig to-night.. Brilliant shot, everything you want in a pic is there. Thanks Jo and Colin.

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