Monday, 11 October 2010

David, why don't you do it professionally?

If you click on the title to this post, above, you will get through to David Watson's website. There you will see wonderful shots and he is an amateur!  I know many people who are gifted amateurs in so many different fields. Many of them say at some time that they would like to make their hobby their living. I once heard someone say that if you do this you will either make a poor living or you'll end up hating your hobby. I think there is something in that. Congratulations David, and thank you for the permission to use them.
The true story of the Glencoe Massacre
History of Appin
Vikings stage a battle in Glencoe?
The broch in Lismore
West Scotland millions of years ago
Robert the Bruce and the Loch Etive parliament
The Knights Templar in Argyll
The MacDonalds of Glencoe
Ancient roads of Scotland
Glencoe, one of the Wonders of Scotland
Castles in Argyll

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