Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Lovely galleries on Clive's website. Click here

Don't you find it difficult to get really good shots when the sun does not come out? The shadows are softer and sometimes the colours are better. Very moody the mountain shot - just as Glencoe feels like much of the time. The art is to show not what it looks like, but what it feels like, and for me these shots do just that.

Clive Watkins is a member of the Townend camera club, n ear Irvine. The galleries in  his website are really nice, and very varied
Some pages of local Glencoe history:
The true story of the Glencoe Massacre
History around in Appin
Vikings in Glencoe?
The broch in Lismore
Millions of years ago
The Ardchattan parliament
The Knights Templar in Argyll
MacDonalds Glencoe
Old roads of the Highlands
Glencoe, the Wonder of Scotland
Castles in the area

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